Winter Emergency Kit

Winter is upon us and soon we will be dealing with the effects of good ol’ Mother Nature! Get prepared now so that if you are in an emergency situation you are prepared. Pinterest and Google have a lot of great ideas out there for making your own emergency kit yourself. You can also purchase them on Amazon. Everyone should carry a Winter Emergency Kit with them in their vehicle it could save your life.

Here are some ideas of what could go in your Emergency Kit:

·         Plastic Tub (to put everything in)

·         Shovel

·         Windshield scraper and small broom (you can purchase ice scrapers with snow brush on one end from any major retail        store)

·         Flashlight with extra batteries

·         Battery powered radio (Midland has a Weather Alert Radio under $30)

·         Bottled Water

·         Snack food especially energy bars (Choose foods that you can eat both hot and cold)

·         Matches and a small candle

·         Extra hat, socks, and gloves

·         Boots and extra warm clothes

·         First aid kit with a pocket knife

·         Blankets

·         Road Salt or Kittie litter for traction

·         Jumper cables, tow chain or rope

·         Emergency flares or reflectors

·         Cell phone charger you can use in your car

·         Hand warmers (Hot hands are very inexpensive under $10 for a pack of 10)

These of course are just suggestions you can put whatever you would like in your Emergency Kit! Just make sure you have it in there before bad weather hits! Be safe out there.