Creative Holiday Gift Ideas

For many of us out there when the holidays roll around we stress about what we are going to get loved ones. Some are more difficult to buy for than others. For truck drivers you are on the road so much that the thought of having to stop at a mall and actually shop can be a difficult task to do. Between load deadlines, weather, etc. it can be a challenge. Here are hopefully some good tips and ideas for you to pull off a great holiday this year!

Amazon-Many people like to use Amazon to make shopping much easier especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. My suggestion for those on the go or that aren’t home go ahead and mail the gift straight from Amazon to your loved one. You can set a date and just mark the purchase as a gift.

Department Stores-Just about every store out there is online and you can purchase gifts through there and have them direct ship as well.

Homemade Gifts-Pinterest has many ideas out there for those who aren’t good at coming up with their own ideas. You can pretty much find anything on Pinterest.

Walgreens, CVS, Target and Walmart-You of course can online shop from these stores but you could also create fun photo books. For Grandkids you could take pictures of your adventures and places you have been and compile it all in a photo book for them to keep as a keep sake.

Shutterfly and Snapfish-These are photo sites to print pictures but you can also purchase fun personalized gifts such as coffee mugs, tumblers, calendars, picture collages and so much more!

Gift cards or money-They are quick and easy and everyone loves getting gift cards or money!

These of course are only suggestions there of course are tons of other things you could do for your loved ones during the holidays.