A year in Review

Seaboard Transport had a busy year. If you keep up on our Facebook or Blog pages located at www.seaboardtransport.net you would see that. But if not let us give you a little recap of what all happened this year!

January 2016

-Drive Cam was implemented. We have been able to use the videos on accidents to prove not at fault for accidents that might have ruled against us prior to the cameras.

-New website launched complete with new look as well as a well as a Blog to give drivers helpful tips while on the road.


February 2016

-Transflo was implemented. This was a great addition to Seaboard Transport making it easier for drivers to get their paper work to the accounting department in a timely fashion.


March 2016

-Seaboard Logistics-Brokerage Division for Seaboard Transport.

-We shot a new professional recruiting video. Check it on our homepage at www.seaboardtransport.net!


April 2016

-Mid America Truck Show-Our recruiting team represented Seaboard Transport well at the largest truck show in the US.


May 2016

-John E. celebrated 15 years of being with Seaboard Transport!


September 2016

-Celebrated Driver Appreciation Week with a BBQ for all drivers.


November 2016

-Seaboard Transport gave all our drivers a Butterball Gift certificate as an appreciation for all they do for Seaboard.