6 Healthy Habits That Are Good All Year Round!

Six Year-Round Healthy Habits

  1. Drink more water! Try switching out energy drinks, soda and sugary beverages for good old H2O!
  2. Do some type of physical activity for 20-30 minutes daily. Before heading to the sleeper take a walk or lift some hand weights in your truck. Taking 34 laps around your truck is equivalent to 1 mile!
  3. Spend more time with loved ones. Even if you’re apart you can still spend time with family back home. Facetime or Skyping is a great option for OTR Drivers. Not only will it give you something to look forward to but it will provide some consistency in an otherwise inconsistent work schedule. Or even sending postcards to children or grandchildren while you’re on the road. I mean who doesn’t love getting mail!
  4. Save more money! The biggest one is buy your own groceries and keep them in a cooler rather than eating at a truck stop or fast food joint every day. You will save in your health as well as your wallet!
  5. Just relax from time to time. We know situations can quickly become tiresome when it comes to getting loads or requesting home time. But try and see things from the other side too—many times your fleet manager is feeling overwhelmed with balancing multiple drivers at one time. Take a moment and have a little patience this can really help.  Find something that helps you to relax maybe it’s a certain song or thought that can help you when managing stress. Trucking can be stressful and finding time to relax can go a long way!
  6. Quit Smoking-- Now this one is a tough! This will help you with your health and your budget! Think of the money you could save and how much better you will feel!