Tips for Night Driving

Tips for Driving at Night

Truck drivers don't have a normal 8-5 job. Most have unpredictable work and sleep schedules. Days can be long and hard to stay awake but this is crucial if a driver wants to be safe out there on the road. Below are some tips:

  • Exercise: This can be hard to keep up with when out on the road but keeping up with your physical health will help drivers out on the road and this helps fight fatigue.
  • Eat healthy: try and make good decisions on the road. Avoid heavy meals before a long period of night driving. Try and eat smaller meals and more frequent.
  • Sleep: Try and get good uninterrupted rest. Avoid: caffeine, nicotine or foods high in sugar before rest. All of these are stimulants and they can affect your sleep.
  • Change it up: If you are starting to feel sleepy try rolling down your window or turning your radio on. If you need to stop and take a break get out and walk around your truck try stretching and get your blood flowing.
  • Keep a cool head: Many things can happen on the road that cause anyone to get frustrated or angry. A car cut you off, a fight with your dispatcher or something troubling you at home. Try and stay calm and let it go.