Note from Maintenance - Proper Tire Inflation

Lets talk about tires. There are two things that affect any business. The second largest cost in any fleet operation is Tires. The number one reason for premature tire failure is under inflation. The NTSB says 56% of all commercial tires are under inflated at least 20% or more.

Tires at the proper inflation can increase fuel economy by 2% which is by the way the number 1 cost in fleet operations.

90% of all on the road repairs and replacements are due to under inflation.

Now what does this mean to me the driver or Owner Operator:

If we keep our tires at the proper inflation we will:

  • Save break downs, which means more time driving, more miles.
  • Save fuel, which means lower cost of operation.
  • Distribute weight better, which gives the driver better control.

All of our trailers with Super single tires have an inflation system which helps a lot but keep in mind when the little amber light on the front is lit up the system is inflating a tire. So at your next stop we need to look for a leak.

Thanks and be careful, someone at home needs you.

—Darren Potter, Maintenance Supervisor