Safety Tips From a Driver

Safety with Seaboard

Seaboard Transport takes pride in our safety scores and we want our drivers to as well! Good safety scores help get us a greenlight at the scale stations. Owner/Operators with Seaboard Transport have the opportunity for a Safety Bonus every quarter. This is based on clean DOT Inspections, no speeding, no accidents/tickets, and good log books. Company Drivers are also rewarded for clean DOT Inspections. We asked a couple of drivers for their advice on how to be an outstanding safe driver. These drivers all scored excellent last quarter as far as safety.

Mike S--Owner Operator

Mike S--Owner Operator

Mike has been with Seaboard Transport since 2014. He takes pride in being a safe driver and has 1.1 million miles of safe driving and has been in the industry for 20 years. When asked what is safe driving to you? Mike replied, "First priority is always safety. Try and be safe and know how to do it right all the time."  Mike has been around trucking his whole life, his father was a truck driver as well. His motto is, "When in doubt back it out!"

Mike is a strong advocate for doing his DVIR and Pre-trips before each load and he also does it mid trip sometimes as an extra precaution. He has had no accidents or incidents in his whole driving experience. He wants to make a suggestion to new drivers, "Take your time. When you get in a hurry that is when accidents happen." Plan your trips and you won't have to rush around to get there on time. There's no load that's more important than your life or someone else's.

Mike would like to advise new drivers to the industry, listen to the older drivers who have bene doing this for 10 plus years. Most have good advice they have been doing this a long time and have been through a lot.

Do you like having Drive Cam on your truck? "Yes, saves drivers careers having that additional safety on the truck." Mike feels that the one camera is not enough and he is going to purchase an additional camera that comes with two mini cameras to go on the side mirrors. He is not upset at having the camera on board his truck. He said that if he is doing his job right and as safely as possible then he does not have to worry about it.

Not only does Mike take pride in his safe driving he also enjoys taking care of his truck and how he looks at a customer. He thinks it's great that Seaboard offers two truck washes a month and he takes full advantage of that. "We are representing Seaboard we should look presentable."