Tips for Summer Truck Driving

1.      Protect yourself from the sun—there are serious risks associated with over exposure to the sun. Truck drivers have probably heard the saying, “Trucker’s Arm” this is when the sun beats down on only one arm leaving an awkward tan usually on only the left arm. Be sure and stock up on your sun block to prevent any damage to your skin due to over exposure to the harsh rays of the sun!

2.      Watch out for more drivers on the road—summer months usually bring more travelers on the roads. This can make it even more unsafe out on the road for truck drivers. Not every accident can be prevented but try and stay alert and lessen your chances of an accident occurring.

3.      Stay Hydrated—sometimes when on the road we can forget to stay hydrated, but as it is heating up be sure to keep cooled off with some high quality H2O!

4.      Check your brakes—hot temps can sometimes lead to brake fading or the loss of friction when brake components can’t absorb any additional heat. This should be done before you move the truck but remember during the summer months to make sure your brakes are working properly before getting out there.

5.      Keep Tires Properly Inflated—in high temperature, tire blowouts are not uncommon. Be sure before you move your truck that tires are properly inflated. Try your best to avoid a possible blowout.