Clean Cab Tips

As a professional truck driver you want to project that image to everyone. You can start by keeping your truck clean and in order. This can be challenging due to limited space and not much cleaning time. Truck cabs can get messy pretty fast. Here are some helpful tips to help you get started and get your truck in tip-top shape!

Clear out trash—get it out of there! Trash can pile up pretty quick. Keep a trash bag in your truck designated for trash to help keep your truck clean and in order. Try not to let trash sit for more than a couple of days as this can make your truck have odors.

Vacuum—Walmart or Target sells very affordable car vacuums that plug into your cigarette lighter. This is definitely a good investment for OTR drivers. Shake out all your mats and put them back in the truck and be sure to thoroughly clean those as well.

Clean the dashboard—Avoid cleaners or polishes that have a glossy/shiny finish. The can cause a glare that can be hazardous when driving. If you are not sure if it will cause a glare, just use good ol’ hot water. Keep disinfectant wipes handy in your truck to clean up spills or dust easily.

Clean the windows—Use a window cleaner to clean the inside and outside of windows. Get smudges and stains better with newspaper. If your windows are tinted do not use newspaper, use a soft cloth.

Make cleaning a weekly event—Now that you know what to do try and keep up on it every week. Taking a couple of hours every week can help keep your truck nice and clean. Keep your home away from home a safe comfortable place to live!