Pets on the Truck

A big question recruiters often times get when on a recruiting call with a potential driver is, “Do you allow pets on your trucks?” For Seaboard yes we do have a Pet Policy. This Pet Policy is $50/week until $500 is met this is a nonrefundable deposit. Drivers need to fill out a Pet Policy form and accounting will enroll them.  Having a pet on board gives the driver a companion while on the road. This can help with fighting the highway blues! Drivers must keep in mind that with pets there might be more frequent stops while on the road. Most out there though are well trained and can go hours on the road without even making a peep! Drivers should keep plenty of food and water in their truck for if they get stuck for an extended period of time somewhere. Also keeping a chew toy in the truck for your pets will keep them from hopefully chewing on the inside of the truck.

Pets should remain in trucks at all times during loading and unloading. Most companies will not allow pets on their property at any time. Some places may not allow pets on their property even when in their trucks. Watch for signs or notifications if pets are not permitted.

There are said to be benefits having a pet especially on the road. Not only do they keep you company while on those cross country ventures but they also help with physical, mental and emotional health. Pets can help fill your heart with love. This can help improve health such as decreasing chances of a heart attack or lowering blood pressure. Here are some fun ways to stay fit with your pet: Jogging or running, biking, hiking, or doga (doggie-yoga). Now get out there and take your dog for a walk around the truck!