Tips to Stay Hydrated this Summer

While out on the road sometimes we forgetto stay hydrated. With summer temps skyrocketing this year remember to stay hydrated out there!

-Drink—stay hydrated with good ol’ H2O! When we sweat our body experiences fluid loss, try to get eight glasses of water in per day. Try to avoid drinks that might dehydrate you such as caffeinated beverages and coffee.

-Sip on sports drinks or coconut water—When we sweat we tend to lose electrolytes. Electrolytes are defined as minerals found in the blood that help to regulate the amount of water in the body. Sports drinks can help rehydrate your body because they contain electrolytes, which regular water does not. During physical activity you lose electrolytes and then when you hydrate with a Gatorade or Powerade those sport drinks put electrolytes back into your system. If sport drinks are not your thing or you are wanting more of a natural alternative reach for coconut water.  Coconut water has natural electrolytes and is packed with many benefits including: calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

Opt for fruit—fruit can be a great source of electrolytes and fluids. Banana’s might be your best bet as they have high levels of electrolytes and potassium.

Stop if you feel dizzy—Feeling lightheaded is a sign of dehydration and signal to tone it down a notch. Feeling dizzy is an indicator that its time to hydrate. When there is not enough water in your blood, both blood volume and blood pressure drop and this results in dizziness.