September-CVSA Brake Safety Reminder

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced major changes to the way that they’ll conduct the Operation Air-brake Program this year.

For years now, the CVSA has held a full week-long Brake Safety Week inspection campaign in the fall. This year, however, they will be shaking up the routine by eliminating the week long brake inspection blitz and replacing it with a single day enforcement campaign that will be held on Thursday, September 7.

In addition to the one day brake inspection campaign, the CVSA will hold an unannounced brake inspection event that could happen “at any time throughout the year.”

During both the one day event and the surprise inspection event, the CVSA will be performing primarily Level IV inspections on large commercial vehicles throughout North America.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Lori Gamboe in Safety 580-338-9775.

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