Safety Tips For Blind Spots

The FMCSA put out an article talking about blind spot safety. This is something everyone has been guilty or a victim of. When driving down the road we sometimes forget, that truck drivers can’t see you if you get right up on their rear. These tips will hopefully help you next time you are driving down the road. Remember if you can’t see their mirrors they most likely can’t see you!

As a commercial driver there is many blind spots on all four sides of the truck and trailer. A truck’s blind spots are called, “No Zones”. Other drivers should attempt to stay out of these “No Zones”. A No Zone is the area around the truck where a car can no longer be seen or you are so close that the truck can’t stop or maneuver safely. Vehicles should try to stay out of a CMV’s blind spot when the driver is turning, backing, or changing lanes. Give them room!

Drivers should also give the truck plenty of following distance so the commercial driver can see the vehicles behind them. Give them a lane on the driver side, 2 lanes on the passenger side and 20 ft in front and 30 ft in back. This can help cars stay out of a driver’s blind spot.

When passing always pass on the left side of the truck and be sure to give plenty of room before merging back into the same lane as a commercial vehicle. It takes longer for a truck to stop than a car. So truckers need more space in front of them than cars do.

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