Keeping your mind sharp on the road

Over the road drivers have a lot of time on their hands while on the road. They spend a lot of time in the cab of their trucks they need to figure out what to do to stay sharp and alert. Below are some things you could do to stay sharp!

Audio Books: A great option is an audio book for those who don’t have time to sit down and read a book. There are many options out there for audio books. You could rent from a library, online apps, or purchase at a bookstore.

Podcasts/Talk Radio: You can find about any topic out there on a podcast, find something that peeks your interest. IPhone offers a free Podcast app.

Conversation: Engage with someone on the phone, using a hands free device of course! Most companies however do encourage drivers to save personal calls until once the truck is parked. But sometimes during a long drive it might help to make the time go faster to hear from a friendly, familiar voice!

Exercise your mind: Crossword puzzles or Sudoku can help with mental sharpness.

Long-haul driving can be a great opportunity to work on keeping your mind sharp, of course, always be sure you’re safe and putting your attention to driving first and foremost.